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error trying to build mmu-less uClinux

Honored Contributor II

I've seen others getting this error but none of the solutions seem to help me. I'm trying to get an mmu-less uClinux kernel running for one of the de2 example machines. 


When I do 

$make vendor_hwselect SYSPTF=<path> 


I get the error  

make[3]:Entering directory '/root/nios2-linux/linux-2.6' 

make[4]: *** No rule to make target 'hwselect'. Stop. 


followed by the rest of the sub-makes exiting. 


make menuconfig worked just fine before this, and the prebuilt toolchain seems to be working. I have both ../linux-2.6 and ../uClinux-dist on the test-nios2 branch. 


Thanks very much for the help!
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Honored Contributor II

I figured out my problem. I had tried to build the kernel before I switched to the test-nios2 branch, and for some reason that seems to have prevented it from building after I switched. I just deleted my nios2-linux directory, and redid everything from the start making sure to checkout the test-nios2 branch before I tried building anything.