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fdisk then mkdosfs on non-mmu system

Thanks in advance. 


I'm using the Cyclone II Evaluation board that has the Compact Flash adapter. I can put in a compact flash that is 32 GBytes and I have no problems using all 32 GBytes of the Flash. If I want to reformat this disk with "mkdosfs" it will do that and I have all my 32GBytes to work with. 


But, if I do an fdisk just like I do on my linux computer and then to a "mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sda1" I only can utilize 2 GBytes of the Compact Flash. 


So, is there an OS setting that I need to invoke so ALL 32 GBytes will be able to be accessed or can I not perform fdisk and then a mkdosfs on this system? 


I know if I write files I have the 2 GByte file size limitation.
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