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flash_boot and CFI table Read Problem

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my design contains nios2 prosessor i have used generic tristate controller with tristate cudit bridge to interface with flash. 

my desigh system clock is 50 Mhz. i am trying to read CFI table through NIOS2 console window. I can able to read CFI table after power on reset only, but if i read again then in nios2 console window its showing NO CFI table found. but after evet board reset if i read CFI table its coming. but it should come contiuously without board reset. 




Flash Device : Micron M29w128GH70Z86E 

timing parameters which i am using while configuring "generic tristate controller" : setup time : 75 ns, hold time : 0ns, Read wait time : 200ns, write wait time 200 ns; 



thanks in advance
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