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how do I view global variables in eclipse?

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how do I view global variables in eclipse? The variables tab only displays local variables on the stack while inside of a function, how do I view global variables. how can something so simple be so complicated, i've searched the help and online documentation to no avail?:mad: In other tool chains like IAR or codeWarrior, all you do is open a new data window and drag a variable into the window, eclipse only has a variable window and I cant drag and drop gloabal variable, I can't even find a global variable. For instance I have a global defined data structure, I want to view data going into and out of the structure, this is easiest done using a data window rather than trying to look at raw memory. its all backwards anyway, who ever designed the eclipse memory view window needs to be #@$% slapped, the big endian / little endian thing really needs a lot of help.

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click right in the variable window, then click add global variable