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how set SDRAM controller for samsum K4S281632F

Honored Contributor I

i have a board with EP2C8Q208 and a SDRAM for run NIOS2  

the SDRAM chip is K4S281632F 8MX16, but in the SDRAM controller dont show that device 

Can you help how set the SDRAM controller to that SDRAM ?
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Honored Contributor I

The settings in the first window (Memory Profile) look correct (16 Bits, 1 Chip Select, 4 Banks, 12 Rows, 9 Columns) 


For the second window I would put: 

CAS latency cycles: 3 

Init refresh cycles: 2 

Refresh command every: 7.8125us (needs to refresh 8192 times in 64ms) 

Delay after power up: 200us (not given in the datasheet, but should be in the order of several 100s of us) 

t_rfc: 70ns 

t_rp: 20ns 

t_rcd: 20ns 

t_ac: 5.5ns 

t_wr: 15 


t_rfc, t_ac and t_wr are guesses on my behalf, but it should work as most SDRAM chips of these specs follow the same parameters. If it doesn't work try increasing the values of those three.
Honored Contributor I

my problem was the clock of SDRAM, this need some delay from main clock 

i tested with -3ns using Avalon ALTPLL for CycloneII, and EUREKA that work 


thanks a lot
Honored Contributor I

thanks a lot chnaideur