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how to use light-weight IP on ecos?

I'd like to use lwip with ecos on NIOS II. Has anybody already done this? Perhaps they could explain the required steps. Unfortunately Altera does not preconfigure the ecos distribution with lwip although there is a eth_drv.c for lwip in the io package. So far I have downloaded contrib-0.7.1-20040319 from which contains an ecos port of lwip. I added the lwip package to the ecos repositery. To built the ecos lib I used the stand-alone network stack. If I use the lwIP version of eth_drv.c the lib can be built but I get linker errors with my test app, e.g. multiple definition of __NETDEVTAB__ in the eth_drv.c and init.c which is part of the ecos port of lwip.  

The test app (udp messages) that was built with the stand-alone stack does not successfully communicate, so I think the stand-alone driver is not supposed to work with lwip.
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...or you could use the TCP/IP stack included with ecos<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif  


- slacker
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