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_hw.tcl advice entries on Custom IPs

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Thanks in advance. 


I have three custom IPs and I'd like to write one device driver that includes all of these components.  


In each of the _hw.tcl files I made a common GROUP name: CUSTOM_IPS (the set_module_assignment from what I've read is necessary for the device tree?) 


They all have the same embeddedsw.dts.compatible statement in their respective _hw.tcl files.  


"set_module_assignment embeddedsw.dts.compatible " jpe,jpe-1.0" 


I successfully got my new .dtb file and in the /proc/device-tree/sopc@/bridge@0xc0000000 directory when I do and "ls" command I see the directories: 






When I load my device driver it PROBES three times and fails on the second two probes with: 


jpe: probe of ff200000.CUSTOM_IPS failed with error -5 


MY QUESTION IS --- Is it possible to access three separate memory spaces of the three custom IPs with this new scheme in the same device driver or do I have to write three separate device drivers? 


If the answer is yes, then what do I do to the _hw.tcl file(s) about the GROUP name. 

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O.K. AFTER THINKING --> it makes sense to write three device drivers because I may use these IP's again in different designs. 

So, that's what I'm going to do. I'd still be interested if someone has any valid comments on this subject.