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implementation of an arbitrary precision integer librar for usage in application code



This requirement is a part of my thesis and I was wondering have anyone occurred to do a similar task of this sort. 

I plan to implement NIOS II custom instructions that will accelerate the speed of an arbitrary precision integer arithmetic 

(since parallel operations can be done in FPGA). 


As a comparative study I am asked to compare the speed of a normal arbitrary precision integer library function with the custom instruction. 

Say an ADDITION of 1028 bit + 1028 bit data. (This can be implemented in NIOS II custom instruction using verilog modules and can be called 

from the application C/C++ program using macros in system.h file). The same addition can be done in the application code using a 

multiple precision library as well. 


Issue is with respect to porting such a library to the NIOS II build environment. 

MPIR is such an arbitrary precision library which can be built with a Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 edition solution. 


Is there someone who is experienced in bringing such libraries to the NIOS II IDE build environment? 

If so that would be a big help. 


Any pointers towards this direction will be appreciated.  


Thank You, 

Akhil Kalathungal
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Honored Contributor I



I figured out a user friendly library that can be moved easily to the NIOS II IDE build environment. 

Now in my application code I can use those library functions and see the timing analysis using the altera timestamp libraries. 


So I guess this question can be closed from my side. 



Thank You, 

Akhil Kalathungal