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implicit declaraton of function readl



I had a working uclinux kernel that I tried to make run without the nios2terminal. I selected the " Bypass output when no connection " in menuconfig like shown below. 


After doing this the make fails trying to resolve the readl function in altjuart.c 


Has anyone else run into this same issue? 





This is what I have my kernel config set as: 


In kernel menuconfig, you should usually select either jtag uart or serial uart for console device (but not both). 

You should use exactly only one of them for console.  

Device Drivers ---> Character devices ---> Serial drivers ---> 


[ ] 8250/16550 and compatible serial support  

*** Non-8250 serial port support ***  

[*] Altera JTAG UART support  

[*] Altera JTAG UART console support # if you use a USB (Blaster) cable on a nios2-terminal  

[ ] Bypass output when no connection # go without a nios2-terminal  

[*] Altera UART support  

(4) Maximum number of Altera UART ports  

(115200) Default baudrate for Altera UART ports  

[ ] Altera UART console support # if you use a 9-pin RS-232C cable on a terminal emulator such as minicom or ckermit or hyperterminal 



The jtag uart will freeze if there is no nios2-terminal connected. You can keep the system working without a jtag connection, by turn on 

[*] Bypass output when no connection 

The jtag uart will connect again when there is a nios2-terminal on jtag connection.  

The init prog will start a shell on the console device. So if you want to run app which use uart, then you should not enable uart console.
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