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linker cannot find libhal_bsp

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I have an eclipse environment with a bsp project and an application project. 

My bsp project compiles normallly. So I have now a bsp library (libhal_bsp.a) that I want to link with the application project. 


Therefore I open the properties of my application project, go under the "NIOS II application path" tab, add the required directories as well as the library name: libhal_bsp. 


Now when I compile my application project, I get the following error: 

**** Build of configuration Nios II for project CMOScam **** make all Info: Building D:\alexis\CI\firmware.atr.CMOScam\dev\FPGA\CMOScam\software\CMOScam_bsp make --no-print-directory -C D:\alexis\CI\firmware.atr.CMOScam\dev\FPGA\CMOScam\software\CMOScam_bsp Info: Building ../CMOScam_bsp make --no-print-directory -C ../CMOScam_bsp Info: Linking CMOScam.elf nios2-elf-g++ -T'../CMOScam_bsp/linker.x' -msys-crt0='../CMOScam_bsp/obj/HAL/src/crt0.o' -msys-lib=hal_bsp -LD:\alexis\CI\firmware.atr.CMOScam\dev\FPGA\CMOScam\software\CMOScam_bsp -L../CMOScam_bsp -LD:\alexis\CI\firmware.atr.CMOScam\dev\FPGA\CMOScam\software\CMOScam_bsp -msmallc -msmallc -Wl, -O0 -g -Wall -EL -mno-hw-div -mhw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -EL -mno-hw-div -mhw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -o CMOScam.elf obj/CMOScam.o obj/IrDA_interface.o obj/accuLink.o obj/accuLink_cmd.o obj/commands.o obj/fifo.o obj/flash_utilities.o obj/framerates.o obj/markers_interface.o obj/motion_sensor_interface.o obj/sample_input.o obj/srec_utilities.o obj/system_module.o obj/version.o obj/wMarker_commands.o -lm -lm -llibhal_bsp c:/altera/11.0/nios2eds/bin/gnu/h-i686-mingw32/bin/../lib/gcc/nios2-elf/4.1.2/../../../../nios2-elf/bin/ld.exe: cannot find -llibhal_bsp collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** Error 1I don't know why the linker cannot find the library .a file... 


thank you
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I fixed my issue. 


In fact I had error during the compilation with the alt_ic_irq_enable() function. 


I thougth that there was a problem with the BSP library (linking problem). 


In fact, I was using legacy functions but the required define in the system.h was not used. 




I am migrating as project from Quartus 8 to Quartus 11.0 and therefore I have that kind of issues.