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linux for Nios II mmu (Flow for Developement on a custom board)

I am starting to develop a system based on Nios II mmu running linux. I got hold of the cyclone III Developemnt kit and got it to start running a with the help of .  


But I have some questions and I would appreciate if someone is willing to help me fill the holes. 


- If I have my custom board and my own design. Can you explain or point me to some document which will give me information as to what all files (generated by sopc2dts) do I need to create and add to the linux kernel before I compile the kernel? 

- Since I will have my own components, I would need to write my own drivers for it or use some standard driver and associate to my component, right? If I write my drivers how do I compile and add to the kernel? And if I use a standard driver how do I associate the driver to my component?  

- How can I know the available devices? cat /proc/devices gives me the info, How can I understand to write some sample application using some of the generic drivers like character and block devices?  


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