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<symbol is not available> Nios II IDE 6.1

I am using the nios ide version 6.1. I have a workspace that supports two projects. One is a managed build and all is ok. The other is unmanaged, I supply the makefile.  


When I attempt to debug the unmanaged project, the debugger indicates that "symbol is not available". Attempting to step into the code results in a "Execution is suspended because of error. Cannot find bounds of current function" error.  


I had no problem with 6.0. 


Below is a sample of my compile and link commands. Note that I have also used "ld" as the link command with the same results. 


Any help appreciated..... 



nios2-elf-gcc -g -c -Wall -DPLATFORM_altep2c35=1 -fno-builtin  -g -O0 -G0  -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fno-exceptions -D SYSTEM_BUS_WIDTH=32 -mhw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -mno-hw-div -I c:/Projects/GenTwo/Software/Controller/Firmware/Sys/Debug/system_description -I. -I../../umon_main/target/common -I../../umon_main/target/cpu/nios2 -I../../umon_main/target/flash/devices -I../../umon_main/target/dev -I../../umon_main/target/fs/jffs2/zlib_inflate  -o strstr.o ../../umon_main/target/glib/strstr.c 


nios2-elf-gcc -nostartfiles -o build_altep2c35/boot.elf -T altep2c35_boot.ld -e coldstart reset.o vectors_nios2.o cpuio.o etherdev.o lan91c11x.o gpio_nios2.o sd_lld.o ow_mac.o dis_nios2.o except_nios2.o strace_nios2.o arp.o bbc.o cast.o cache.o chario.o cmdtbl.o crypt.o docmd.o dhcp_00.o dhcpboot.o edit.o ee.o env.o ethernet.o flash.o genlib.o icmp.o if.o ledit_vt100.o monprof.o mprintf.o memcmds.o malloc.o moncom.o memtrace.o misccmds.o misc.o password.o redirect.o reg_cache.o sbrk.o start.o struct.o symtbl.o tcpstuff.o tfs.o tfsapi.o tfsclean1.o tfscli.o fatfs.o sd.o tfsloader.o tfslog.o tftp.o timestuff.o xmodem.o gdb.o dosfs.o am29lv128m_8x1.o  monbuilt.o libz.a libg.a `nios2-elf-gcc --print-libgcc-file-name`
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have your problem solved&#65311;I have the same problem with you!it makes meetrouble.

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