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nios 2 vs. 16x4 LCD module

Hello everybody, 


i'm a student and a newbie at FPGA-programming. Right now i'm working with a DE0-Nano-board and i'm trying to write some characters on a 16x4 LCD-screen. 

In QSYS i included the LCD-character-module and i tried to use some example source-code. I also found some posts in this forum but nothing really worked out. Maybe it's because the LCD-module in QSYS is especially for the "Optrex 16207". I found the "Optrex 16207 LCD Controller Core" in the "ug_embedded_id.pdf". But it didn't really helped me. 


I'm using a TM164AAA module 


I would be very pleased if anyone of you could have a short look on my simple code. Maybe you give me a little hint... 

I tried different example codes. Please find attached some pictures of my system and the source-code. 



Thank you very much. 

With best regards, 

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