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nios2_51 : Driver compilation problem



We have migrated from nios2 => nios2_51 and I am trying to compile with nios2_51 an old driver which has already been compiled under nios2. 


I have warnings when I compile it and the insmod is refused on the target. 




On the board I have the following message : 


GXEOE: Unknown symbol memcpy 

JGXEOE: Unknown symbol memset 

JGXEOE: Unknown symbol __up 

JGXEOE: Unknown symbol __down_interruptible 

insmod: cannot insert `/home/JGXEOE.o': Unknown symbol in module (-1): No such file or directory 


When compiling with a makefile as recommended on the mail (Post# 20 May 2 2005 by Jwistead) i have the following warnings in verbose mode V=1 


Building modules, stage 2. 

make -rR -f /cygdrive/c/altera/kits/nios2_51/bin/eclipse/plugins/com.microtronix.nios2linux.kernel_1.4.0/linux-2.6.x/scr 


scripts/mod/modpost -i /cygdrive/c/altera/kits/nios2_51/bin/eclipse/workspace/kernel_stm1_ed3/build/Module.symvers v 

mlinux /cygdrive/m/huon3_hds_esoe_dev_7570r1_01_ln/hds_esoe/Stm1oE/Test/jgxeoe_driver/JGXEOE.o 

*** Warning: "__up" [/cygdrive/m/huon3_hds_esoe_dev_7570r1_01_ln/hds_esoe/Stm1oE/Test/jgxeoe_driver/JGXEOE.ko] undefined 

*** Warning: "__down_interruptible" [/cygdrive/m/huon3_hds_esoe_dev_7570r1_01_ln/hds_esoe/Stm1oE/Test/jgxeoe_driver/JGXE 

OE.ko] undefined! 

*** Warning: "memset" [/cygdrive/m/huon3_hds_esoe_dev_7570r1_01_ln/hds_esoe/Stm1oE/Test/jgxeoe_driver/JGXEOE.ko] undefined! 

*** Warning: "memcpy" [/cygdrive/m/huon3_hds_esoe_dev_7570r1_01_ln/hds_esoe/Stm1oE/Test/jgxeoe_driver/JGXEOE.ko] undefined! 


In the of my kernel memcpy and memset are present ! 


I don't understand why the symbols are no more found. 


I seems that the folders are not exactly the same between nios2 and nios2_51 



Has somebody the same trouble ? 


Thank you<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif rv
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