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nios2-flash-programmer-gui incorrect EPCS Flash Controller base address in MMU design

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I noticed that, in case of an MMU-enabled Nios II design, the nios2-flash-programmer GUI moves the base address of the EPCS flash controller into the untranslated memory area (e.g. 0x00001800 ==> 0xc0001800) and adds the --mmu option for the nios2-flash-programmer tool, but the tool expects the true physical base address instead and uses --mmu to do the translation by itself. That causes the error: 


"The EPCS base address must be physical memory address below 0x20000000." 


I managed to workaround this by manually changing the translated address back to the physical address in the generated script that is in the staging directory (./script). 


What could I be doing wrong to get this error in the first place ? 


Interestingly, the --mmu option is not in the Nios 2 Flash Programmer User Guide (Feb. 2010 ed.), but it is nevertheless available (nios2-flash-programmer --help).
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