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nios2-gdb-server Assertion `!flush || m_pending.empty()' failed

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I am working on some nios2 software to be embedded in a hardware design outside of my control. After I load the software, I am intermittently seeing the following error from nios2-gdb-server, and the incidence rate is increasing as we deploy a larger sized code into the FPGA. This is becoming an issue to the detriment of making any effective progress on the software to meet deadlines. Should I suspect problems in the Altera tools or should I suspect issues with the hardware design. Does anyone have experience with this error? 


nios2-gdb-server --tcpport=5092 

Using cable "USB-Blaster [3-1.2]", device 1, instance 0x00 

Pausing target processor: OK 

Listening on port 5092 for connection from GDB: accepted 

nios2-gdb-server-wrapped: nios2oci.cpp:1234: bool NIOS2OCI::check_pending(bool): Assertion `!flush || m_pending.empty()' failed. 

Aborted (core dumped) 




PS: this is Quartus 13.1
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Hey i have a similar problem 




assertion "!flush || m_pending.empty()" failed: file "nios2oci.cpp", line 1234 

/cygdrive/c/altera/14.0/nios2eds/bin/nios2-download: line 609: 9836 Aborted (core dumped) nios2-gdb-server --cable 'USB-Blaster on localhost [USB-0]' --device 1 --instance 0 --sidp 0x140 --accept-bad-sysid --tcpport auto --write-pid ./ 




did u solve the problem ?  


Thanks !  

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I also have had a similar problem: 


assertion "!flush || m_pending.empty()" failed: file "nios2oci.cpp", line 1234 

/cygdrive/c/altera/13.1/nios2eds/bin/nios2-download: line 609: 3372 aborted (core dumped) nios2-gdb-server --cable '' --device 1 --instance 0 --sidp 0x74003e00 --accept-bad-sysid --tcpport auto --write-pid ./ 


In my case not sure if it is a timing issue, most of the times it is solved by running the synthesis again without cleaning the project...  


Has any one had a similar problem and was able to find what was the cause? 


Best regards, 

Filipe Teixeira