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nios2-terminal can't read input from pipe

Honored Contributor II

I get this error when I try to pipe even one line into nios2-terminal: 


nios2-terminal: error: Gathering input from STDIO 


I'm running 16.1 196 on Windows 7. 


I've tried using cat as well as my own C program that does a popen() around nios2-terminal. 


cat test.cmd | nios2-terminal -i 0 


If I type the input manually into nios2-terminal, it works fine. Unfortunately, I need to send many lines to the nios2 CPU. 


I've searched the forum posts and have found inconsistent information, including a mention that this could be a bug that has not been fixed yet. 


I do not currently have Quartus Pro so can't use the System Console TCL method. 


Any advice would be appreciated.  

Thanks in advance. 

Bob A. 

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Honored Contributor II

Our FAE confirmed this bug.  


The workaround I'm doing is to use the system console and a separate jtag master.