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nios2-terminal stop at [Created "web server" task (Prio: 11)]

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I want to do factory recovery on my cyclone IV GX board EP4CGX15BF14C8N 

I use cycloneIVGX_4cgx15_start kit on Quartus2 version 12.1 in Windows7 


There is procedure about how to restoring the flash device to the factory setting, in a user guide pdf file, in the starter kit. 

And in order to restore the board's MAC address, I typed the nios2-terminal in my NIos2 Command Shell. 


Oh, it just started now! 

Sorry about this stupid question. 

If there is anyone who take long time to do Created "web server" task, just wait for long time about few hours.
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I mistake above that it works well, but it doesn't. 


Acquired IP address via DHCP client for interface: et1 

IP address : 

Subnet Mask: 

Gateway : 


Already the message above is repeated 6 times. 

It takes about 6hours. 

And I don't know what's wrong. 


Is there anybody who can help me?