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pthread based application + Simple_Socket_Server Example

Honored Contributor II

i am trying to implement TCP based Chat Programm on Altera ESDK board. 


for this i have write a TCP based Server and Client on linux (ubuntu 12.04 LTS) machine and successfully connect them, i am using pthread over there. 


now i am trying to build same application on nios-ii platform and add the following to "Simple Socket Server" Example. 


1. #include <pthread.h> 


2. in main program 


pthread_t myThread; 

create_pthread( &myThread,NULL, myfunction,NULL); 


3. function to be called outside the "simple_socket_server" example 


void *myfunction() {} 


after building the code my simple_socket_server example generate a error saying 


error: 'pthread_t' undeclared (first use in the function) 



1. is ptherad not supported by nios-ii ...? 

2. is any other way to create thread or parallel programming on nios-ii...? 





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