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"Description Resource Path Location Type 'DESCRIPTOR_MEMORY_BASE' undeclared here (not in a function)" This is the error that I'm getting by using NIOS Simple Socket Server 16.0 For CVGT board


I am trying to run the Nios simple socket server reference design 16.0 in the Quartus version 16.0 ( and followed the steps as mentioned in . I am getting some software error(Screenshot uploaded).


16.0 errors without fixes.png

I have searched a solution in the Intel Forums where I came across .

I have made the changes as mentioned by replacing EXT_FLASH with ETH_STD_MAIN_SYSTEM_EXT_FLASH . (My qsys file name is eth_std_main_system.qsys) . But I got the errors as seen in the screenshot.16.0 errors after fixes.png

The above complete process is repeated for Quartus versions 15 and the errors persist.

Kindly help.

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