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"Exec format error" in HelloWorld-Linux example

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In 13.1 version of SoC EDS this example works normal 2 month ago, and now in 14.0 fails. 

I make all described in "Getting Started with Linux Application Debugging" from ug_soc_eds.pdf, and on final stage see dialog "Connection failed" with text: 


--- Quote Start ---  

Unable to connect to LinuxAppDebug_DevKit 

Reason: Failed target configuration: 

gdbserver exited unexpectedly see the App Console for further information 

--- Quote End ---  


In App Console: 


--- Quote Start ---  

Preparing the debug session 


# cd /home/root 

# export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=".:/home/root:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" 

# gdbserver :5000 "/home/root/hello.o" 

Process /home/root/hello.o created; pid = 279 

Cannot exec /home/root/hello.o: Exec format error. 


Child exited with status 127 

No program to debug. GDBserver exiting. 


--- Quote End ---  


I think that my SD-card have old Linux-version for new compilers in SoC EDS, fill it with new 14.0-image through Win32DiskImager.exe -- error remain. 

Delete all project and reimport it from archive, recompile -- similarly. 

I see a file hello.o in /home/root (Remote System Explorer view), copy it back to Windows filesystem -- it is equal with my in project, 2792 bytes. Delete it, run configuration again -- it appears in /home/root: Eth-link is working ! 

Where may be problem ? In 13.1 this example was debugged normal.
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I have mistake -- run hello.o instead hello. :) 


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And all 99 Linux Users not see this... 

In Linux ARM processor works faster by order of magnitude ! Or 2 orders in comparison with Baremetal :) 

May anybody say why ? And how i will do in Baremetal to increase clock to 925 MHz ?