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small-c Project not support to scanf function?

I use the 10M08DFV device, and i should make nios ii project by small-c because memory ram size is too small. 

but my remote software update project occur error of scanf function...

I want the scanf function to work in a small-c environment.

The example Remote software update provided by Altera used scanf function.

Due to memory problems, I created a project using small-c on a 10M08DFV device.

When I compiled the project, Eclipse printed an error message that the scanf function was not defined.

so please check the my problem.



bellow is the error message


21:34:53 **** Incremental Build of configuration Nios II for project optic_cpu ****

make all 

Info: Building ../optic_cpu_bsp/

C:/intelFPGA/17.1/nios2eds/bin/gnu/H-x86_64-mingw32/bin/make --no-print-directory -C ../optic_cpu_bsp/

[BSP build complete]

Info: Compiling main.c to obj/default/main.o

nios2-elf-gcc -xc -MP -MMD -c -I../optic_cpu_bsp//HAL/inc -I../optic_cpu_bsp/ -I../optic_cpu_bsp//drivers/inc -pipe -D__hal__ -DALT_NO_C_PLUS_PLUS -DALT_NO_CLEAN_EXIT -D'exit(a)=_exit(a)' -DALT_NO_EXIT -DALT_USE_DIRECT_DRIVERS -DALT_NO_INSTRUCTION_EMULATION -DALT_USE_SMALL_DRIVERS -DSMALL_C_LIB -DALT_SINGLE_THREADED  -Os -g -Wall  -mno-hw-div -mhw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -mgpopt=global -o obj/default/main.o main.c

Info: Linking optic_cpu.elf

nios2-elf-g++ -T'../optic_cpu_bsp//linker.x' -msys-crt0='../optic_cpu_bsp//obj/HAL/src/crt0.o' -msys-lib=hal_bsp -L../optic_cpu_bsp/ -msmallc -Wl,  -Os -g -Wall  -mno-hw-div -mhw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -mgpopt=global -o optic_cpu.elf obj/default/init_cpu.o obj/default/main.o -lm -msys-lib=m

obj/default/main.o: In function `main':

C:\work\030_Altera_DPFX700_RSU\062_DPFX_700_RSU_UART_EDIT\TX\optic_cpu\software\optic_cpu/main.c:242: undefined reference to `scanf'

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

make: *** [optic_cpu.elf] Error 1


21:34:55 Build Finished (took 2s.74ms)

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