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sof Encryption dialog elements don't show up

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As the title suggests, I am in "convert programming files" 

and trying to generate an encrypted programming file 

but clicking on properties for the particular .sof only shows 

"Compression" and not the additional Encryption components. 


I am using Quartus II v9.0 with no service packs. 

I have contacted Altera support through an SR and gotten 

a license file that did not make a difference. 

They say it should work. I say it does not. 


The license file has the applicable line in it for encryption 

but then again the license file I had before I contacted support 

also had the applicable line which is(according to support): 

FEATURE quartus_nonvolatile_encryption alterad 2010.12 permanent 


The "Licensed AMPP/MegaCore functions" box in license setup does not 

show the licensed element and support says it should not. 






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Not sure when it started to show up(the dialog) but it does now. 

Perhaps shutting down Quartus and opening it up. Oh well.