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sopc to qsys epcs migration issue

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Hi everybody, 


I'm migrating from a Cyclone 3 and 10.1 Quartus project to a Cyclone 5 and 13.1 Quartus project. 


I followed the AN 632 guidelines for NIOS II migration from sopc builder to Qsys tool. Everything went fine but I had a problem with the epcs serial flash controller. 


I get the following warnings: 



Warning: cpu_MOD_CH: "No matching role found for cpu_custom_instruction_master_translator:ci_slave:ci_slave_ipending (ipending)" 

Warning: cpu_MOD_CH: "No matching role found for cpu_custom_instruction_master_translator:ci_slave:ci_slave_estatus (estatus)" 

Warning: cpu_MOD_CH: "No matching role found for epcs_flash_controller:epcs_control_port:endofpacket (endofpacket)" 

Warning: cpu_MOD_CH: "No matching role found for epcs_flash_controller:epcs_control_port:dataavailable (dataavailable)" 

Warning: cpu_MOD_CH: "No matching role found for epcs_flash_controller:epcs_control_port:readyfordata (readyfordata)" 


and I can't instantiate the flash epcs controller in the new NIOS II microcontroller. 



Any suggestion? 


Thank you.
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Can you snapshot the Qsys?