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strange "SOPC Builder" !

from the qII5.0 ,i just meet so many times,when i make a custom board project,then i start the SOPC Builder,it flash suddenly ,but the SOPC Builder don't show. 

i read the ug_nios2_flash_programmer.pdf,my make target board command is: 

mk_target_board  --name=test-board --family=cyclone --clock=50 --index=1  --buffer_size=4096 --epcs=U4 

it create success! 

so i open the quartusII project,and select my cyclone device EP1C6Q240C8,and start the SOPC Builder ,but something is wrong that i don't see, the builder start fail! 



it becomes strange ! i do by the same way, the SOPC Builder works. so i think whether altera can present some wrong message when occur such thing?
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