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system ID / timestamp not found

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Hello everyone! I have DE1 board with cyclone II ep2c20f484c7 fpga, Quartus II 11sp1. 

I've followed "Nios II Hardware Development Tutorial" from site, and had problem in running project on the board. I always have messages: 

Connected system ID hash not found on target at expected base address. Connected system timestamp not found on target at expected base address. 

Ignoring this lead to  

Using cable "USB-Blaster ", device 1, instance 0x00 Pausing target processor: not responding. Resetting and trying again: FAILED Leaving target processor paused  

This is odd, because I programmed fpga with quartus II programmer without any problems. 

I've search similar topics here, but I can't found solution. 

Run through this tutorial 6 times, tired. Do not know what to do, help needed =)
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Problem solved, incorrect pin assignment, I'm an idiot.