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tripple speed ethernet using DE2-115 and quartus II 10.0

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I am trying to establish a basic ethernet connection with the de2 115 cyclone IV E board, so that I can just send some data via the ethernet to another machine. I have generated the SOPC. In NIOS I have started with "simple socket server(RGMII)" , where a number of .c and .h files are generated automatically. But among them there is a file called tse_system.c where I am getting error. Moreover none of the .c files have a main() function. I am a complete beginner in this field. Can anybody please guide me about how to go about with this ethernet connection.

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Did you solve your problem? 

now I am working on this issue and I have already build the SOPC, and I need a help to continue 


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Sorry but why on the hell on 2015 you want to use a version that is 5 year old and especially 10.0 that is the version where altera unified windows and linux QII in an unique way - lots of changes = lots of potential bugs to me. 

Even more SOPC builder is not even present in QII nowadays (since more than 1.5 year - if I remember correct 13.1 was latest version having this), move yourself to Qsys that is better in a lot of ways. 

Look altera website for more information. 


Told all the above if you've issue with a so old version of QII with tools that are no longer supported, I suspect that Altera (but will be true for any vendors) will not provide you support, but ask you to switch to a newer QII version. 


If I were in you I'll move all in 15.0. 


Note that just googling 2 seconds I was able to find altera reference design for ethernet (up to 14.1 updated). 


I suggest you to start from here.