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uC/OS-II Support for Bluetooth Driver

Dear everyone, I want to implement Bluetooth connection between Arduino and DE2-115 with VEEK_MT. For Arduino, I use a Bluetooth module with XBee Shield.  

For FPGA, I'm planning to use bluetooth usb dongle as the Bluetooth receiver which will be inserted to the USB Host(type A). 


Software and hardware that I used are modified from the VEEK_MT demonstration code called Picture Viewer. The NIOS II software used includes uc/OS-II.  

Hence, I would like to ask if uc/os-ii have bluetooth driver support so that it can detect the Bluetooth USB dongle once I plugged in?  

If there is, how can I implement it? 


I know that if using uClinux, there is Bluetooth driver support but i'm not sure about uC/OS-II. 


Or is there any other method that I can implement the Bluetooth connection? 

Thank you so much for your help :-D 



For your information, this the the board I used and the demo code is available in the link below:
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