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Micrium announces uC/TCP-IP version 1.50 


As the world is moving toward a global IP interconnection capability, a multitude of new devices will require to implement a TCP/IP based networking interface. 


uC/TCP-IP is a compact, reliable, high performance TCP/IP protocol stack. Built from the ground up with Micrium's renowned quality, scalability and reliability, uC/TCP-IP enables the rapid configuration of required network options to minimize your time to market.  


World renowned embedded systems expert Mr. Jack Ganssle made the following statement in May 2004: "uC/OS-II is the cleanest code I know and is a joy to peruse. Micrium sent me its TCP/IP stack, and the source is even prettier that uC/OS-II." 


Cleanest Source Code 

uC/TCP-IP provides you with the highest quality source code in the industry. uC/TCP-IP is a clean-room design and is not derived from publicly available Unix stacks, yet still maintains compatibility with the Berkeley 4.4 socket layer interface. As with all Micrium products, uC/TCP-IP is written in ANSI C enabling its usage with a wide array of best-of-class cross-development tools.  



uC/TCP-IP can be used on 16, 32 and even some 64-bit CPUs.  


High Performance 

uC/TCP-IP was designed specifically for the demanding requirements of embedded systems. Critical sections were kept to a minimum and selected run-time validations can be disabled to enhance performance. uC/TCP IP implements zero copy buffer management for highest efficiency.  


Scalable and ROMable 

uC/TCP-IP allows you to adjust the memory footprint based on your requirements. uC/TCP-IP can be configured to only include only those network modules absolutely required by your system. When a module is not used, it's not included in the build to save valuable memory space for resource limited embedded systems.  


Royalty Free 

uC/TCP-IP is licensed on a per-end-product basis. Each different product that embeds uC/TCP-IP requires a different license.  



Supported Ethernet Drivers: 

SMSC LAN91C111  

Atmel AT91RM9200  

Freescale MCF5272  

Cirrus Logic CS8900A  


Additional Ethernet drivers will be added shortly. 




uC/DHCPc Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (client)  

uC/DNSc Domain Name System (client)  

uC/TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol (client/server)  

uC/FTP File Transfer Protocol (client/server)  

uC/HTTPs HyperText Transport Protocol (server)  

uC/TELNET Terminal Emulation Protocol (client/server)  

uC/SNTPc Simple Network Time Protocol (client)  




You can get the uC/TCP-IP pricelist from the following link: (
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