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uCLinux on Altera EP1S40 Eval Board

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I recently started the evaluation of our new Altera EP1S40 eval board. Now I want to get the uCLinux running on this board. I installed the Microtronix uCLinux support for the NIOS2 IDE and I followed the Quick start guide to build my own kernel and the root file system. After that I flashed the two images to the board. Finally I downloaded the "linux_time_limited.sof FPGA design, that came from Microtronix togehter with the linux sources. Then I tried to connect me to the board via the nios2-terminal program. I got one line of output, but then I was not able to login (no input was possible). Could this be a problem with the FPGA design, which I downloaded to the board? 


Now I want to build my own NIOS2 SOPC FPGA design. Does the standard linux kernel from Microtronix need a special NIOS2 SOPC design or can I use the example design "niosll_stratix_1s40\full_featured", which is part of the NIOS2 software from Altera? 



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