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uClinux 3.7 libusb problems

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I'm relatively new to Altera and uClinux and I've run into a problem trying to use libusb.  


I currently have uClinux version 3.7.0 (git:// running on my DE2-115 board.  


I would like to use libusb to simplify interaction with hot-pluggable USB devices. I have been unable to make the libusb source (libusbx-1.0.17) using the linux-mmu toolchain (git://  


I run into problems with udev when I try to configure with: 


./configure --host=nios2-linux --disable-shared --enable-static --with-pci-ids-path=/home/jim/nios2-linux/uClinux-dist/user/pciutils --enable-debug LDFLAGS="-elf2flt=-s16000" CC=nios2-linux-gnu-gcc 


my configure fails with: 


checking libudev.h usability... yes 

checking libudev.h presence... yes 

checking for libudev.h... yes 

checking for udev_new in -ludev... no 

configure: error: "udev support requested but libudev not installed" 


I have spent several days trying to compile and install udev (various versions from udev1.32 -> udev1.82) with the nios2-toolchain but have been unsuccessful.  


Is anyone successfully using libusb on uClinux (with udev) 


Any assistance would be great.
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I think this is only for NO MMU.