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uClinux Ethenet on DE2-115

Hi guys, 

I am using the quartus example project DE2_115_WEB_SERVER_RGMII_ENET0 and it programs into the board and i can see the two LEDs light up on the board(DUP and 1000), i can also boot up uClinux to this which all works well. 



The board uses marvel 88e1111 chip which i enabled drivers for in the make menuconfig and also checked the altera triple speed ethernet(SLS), I am using kernel 2.6.30 


This seems to find the PHY fine..console output below 

found PHY with id 0x1410cc2 at address 0x10 

altera TSE MII bus: MDIO bus registered 

Altera triple speed MAC IP driver(v8.0) developed by SLS, August 2008, --linux 2.6.27-rc3 


When the kernel boots up and i try to do ifconfig i get the following error.  

error: no inet socket available: address family not supported by protocol. 


Any help greatly appreciated.
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It looks like you may have left out IP support when you compiled the kernel, even though you got the driver itself in there. Look in networking at menuconfig.

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can you change the DE2_115_WEB_SERVER_MII_ENET0 for mii mode for a test? remember to change the JP1 for Mii MODE.