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uClinux USB3.0 host controller driver

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For our new project we are using stratix iv FPGA with nios processor. And on pci bus we are connecting USB3.0 host controller(TIUSB7320). 


As per my understanding linux kernel 2.6.35 and above versions will provide the support for USB3.0. But i don't know about the uClinux. 


Can you please suggest me, which uClinux kernel will provide support for this..! what is resent uClinux stable kernel version. (If you provide vendor name, then it could be better) 


Thanks in advance..! 





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As supposedly the USB-drivers in "official" Linux distributions are open source C files, it sould be possible just integrate and to compile them with the NIOS "source code distribution" managed by this community.  


Of course you will need to use the MMU-enabled Kernel.  


And of course you will need to find the appropriate driver for the hardware you are using. 


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I havesome questions on USB too: 


in our embedded card we have a USB2 Highspeed OTG device IP license for encrypted netlist for one nodelocked ALTERA system NIOS2 FPGA.  

uClinux is the OS and it manages several interfaces such as Ethernet, UART, I2C, SPI etc. 


Is it possible to use the USB Device Drivers available in the uClinux distribution (Linux nios2 2.6.34-00692-g5bc7853-dirty) to manage the IFI USB2?  

If yes, is there any particular requirement or attention to setup properly the device driver itself? Does it exist any Configuration Guide?  

If it is not possible to use the USB Device Driver from our uClinux distribution, where may I find a Linux Device Driver?