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using spl built from altera-opensource/u-boot-socfpga

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I need to re-build the SPL and u-boot.img for my Terasic board. There are a lot of tutorials on the site and elsewhere about using Qsys and Quartus tools to do this (like this one:  


I am not a Quartus user.  


I notice that if I check out and build the code from the altera-opensource/u-boot-socfpga github repository: 



and do  

make socfpga_sockit_defconfig (<-- cfg for terasic board) 



and then in a cross-tools environment (provided by yocto "pokey"), do: 

make all 


this generates: 

u-boot.img in the u-boot top level directory, and  

u-boot-spl.bin in the spl sub-directory.  



Can someone confirm or comment if I should be able to simply take these components and copy them to the a2 partition using something like: 


dd if=u-boot-spl.bin of=/dev/sdx3 bs=64k seek=0 

dd if=u-boot.img of=/dev/sdx3 bs=64k seek=4 




so that I can avoid the involvement of Qsys/Quartus? Are there any steps I'm missing? 


If I can't use these make file products for that purpose, what is their intended use? (e.g. an additional step that gets them where they need to be still without Quartus involvement.) 



Thanks for any help! 

--George Broz 

Moog Industrial Group
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Did you finally figure this out? 

Are you able to use 

* u-boot.img in the u-boot top level directory, and  

* u-boot-spl.bin in the spl sub-directory.  

for you Terasic board? 

Maybe you tried different version, e.g. socfpga_v2013.01.01? 


Btw, which Terasic board you are using?