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vxworks 6.4 exception

Honored Contributor II

i am running an operation on an object and i am getting a kernel level exception. 


data access 

Exception current instruction address: 0x0d0c5f98 

Machine Status Register: 0x0000b030 

Data Access Register: 0x095bafd8 

Condition Register: 0x40224244 

Data storage interrupt Register: 0x42000000 

Task: 0x97d6a20 "F62_" 


0xc211ac0:pthr1: 0x97d6a20 (F62_):ExceptionHandler: detected in task 0x97d6a20 F62_ vecNum 0x300, at pc 0xd0c5f98, sp 0x95bb008, dar 0x95bafd8, corresponding page state (val0xid/read/write/execute) is 0x307 : (no/yes/yes/yes) 


97d6a20 (F62_): task 0x97d6a20 has had a failure and has been stopped. 

0x97d6a20 (F62_): fatal kernel task-level exception! 


The page state is also marked as invalid. Can anyone throw some light on how I can go about debugging this further?  



R0 : 0xFFFFFFFE R1 : 0x095BB008 R2 : 0x00000000 R3 : 0x1700000E 

R4 : 0x095BC9C8 R5 : 0x00000000 R6 : 0x095BB010 R7 : 0x00000100 

R8 : 0x0CFB93BC R9 : 0x0D0C5F98 R10 : 0x097D6A20 R11 : 0x00000000 

R12 : 0x00000074 R13 : 0x00000000 R14 : 0x0D4218D0 R15 : 0x0C9C93D8 

R16 : 0x0D450000 R17 : 0x0D420000 R18 : 0x0C9C0000 R19 : 0x0D5D7FEC 

R20 : 0x095BC548 R21 : 0x00000000 R22 : 0x00000200 R23 : 0x095BC560 

R24 : 0x0D382340 R25 : 0x00286990 R26 : 0x095BC9C8 R27 : 0x00000004 

R28 : 0x0D610000 R29 : 0x00000100 R30 : 0x00000000 R31 : 0x095BB038 

MSR : 0x0000B030 SP : 0x095BB008 LR : 0x0D382394 PC : 0x0D0C5F98 

CR : 0x40224244 CTR : 0x0D0C5F98 XER : 0x20000000 

End of Registers
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