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what's gtf-lauch


when you builded a libraty of a project ,then the file "gtf-lauch" was created , who can tell me what's "gtf-lauch" and the effection of it.  

when I builded the library ,I often was warned the "gtf-lauch" was not foud ,and then other errors was created. how to do it ? Does the problem have something to do with the Altera develppment kit ,which I used is UP3 it was designed for the university of program and include flash ,which is not compatiable with Am290 . SRAM .ect .and when I builded the library , should the target kit be connected to the PC? 

thank u.
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Re: what's gtf-lauch

Hi Aihuazou, 


gtf-launch is a wrapper script that is used to run the gtf-generate tool. This generates all of the source files that are dependent on your hardware configuration (as defined by the PTF file). The wrapper script is required in order to pass through parameters that are obtained from the eCos CDL, in particular the name of the PTF file being used. 


Based on what you have previously indicated, in your case this file is being generated, but for some obscure reason (which I don't understand) it is failing to be located by the shell for execution. All I can think is that there is something unusual about your environment or cygwin install or similar. 


I know it doesn't really help you to know this, but I'm using the same versions of the tools that you are and I've been unable to reproduce the problem. 


I'll continue to have a bit of a think about what might be wrong. In the mean time, if you come up with any further information as to what is going on, please post it to this forum. 


You may also want to investigate your file permissions a little further. Try running the "umask" command and make sure that it gives you execute permisson for the file. You may also find something illuminating here: ( 


Good luck!
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