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wrong "fd->length" (flash device)

Honored Contributor II

Hi, I'm using a CFI Flash memory.

When I interrogate the Flash, by : 


flash_region* regions;

alt_flash_fd* fd;

int number_of_regions = 0;

int ret_code = 0;

int i = 0;


int size = 0; // taille de la flash calculée à partir des infos de régions flash


// ouverture de la flash



// affichage d'info sur la flash

if (fd)


ret_code = alt_get_flash_info(fd, &regions, &number_of_regions);

if (number_of_regions )


printf("Flash information :\n");

printf("\tlength : %i\n", fd->length);


for (i=0 ; i < number_of_regions ; i++)


printf("\tregion_info[%i]\n", i);

printf("\t\toffset : %i\n", fd->region_info[i].offset);

printf("\t\tregion_size : %i\n", fd->region_info[i].region_size);

printf("\t\tnumber_of_blocks : %i\n", fd->region_info[i].number_of_blocks);

printf("\t\tblock_size : %i\n", fd->region_info[i].block_size);






It says

Flash information :

length : [color =red] 4194304[/color]


offset : 0

region_size : 4128768

number_of_blocks : 63

block_size : 65536


offset : 4128768

region_size : 65536

number_of_blocks : 8

block_size : 8192

The addition regions gives size 4194304 Bytes, but the length gives 4194304 words (=16 bits)


I have 2 differents flash (32Mb and 64Mb) and they give both 4194304 words


fd->length is not calculated by CFI information but by QSYS. 

Can someone confirm this ?

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Honored Contributor II

By a# define MACRO in altera_avalon_cfi_flash.h : #define ALTERA_AVALON_CFI_FLASH_INSTANCE(name, dev) ... 

(fd -> length) takes information from the system.h <-- generated by BSP <-- generated with QSYS <-- flash information "embeddedsw.CMacro.SIZE" in "module_assignement" when editing the flash component in Qsys Editor. 


So, (fd -> length) does NOT take information from CFI flash. 


I put here because It may help someone else debugging.