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Access to On-Chip Memory Mapped (MM) FIFO's from Nios 2 (with MMU) running Linux

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I'm currently have a Linux 3.10 core running under a Nios 2-based processor on a Arria II GX development kit (A2GX260) platform. I would like to access some On-Chip memory mapped (MM) FIFO's that have been integrated into the system and assigned address space under Qsys. Altera provides some HAL-based system library drivers and example code that allow one to access the on-chip FIFO memory core using the HAL API but I have been unable to find Linux software driver support for accessing these on-chip FIFO's. 


Does anyone have any recommendations on how to access these MM FIFO's? Are there certain capabilities that needs to be included as part of the kernel build (through make menuconfig) to support this access? 


Any feedback would be appreciated. 


- Brad
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Hello Brad, 


Please have a look at following : 


It should help. Let us know if you face any difficulty. 



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