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Adding a sample application to the linux image/filesystem on altera 10 SOC

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Initially, I am trying to send few bytes of data from HPS to FPGA. I had written an sample code.  

To test this application on Arria 10 reference board. I need to add this as part of file system. (or) part of kernel image(zimage). Can someone point me to the correct way of doing that. 

The reference board is up and running using the microsd card with my custom compiled linux image.  

I gone through various websites and couldn't find a best starting example for altera 10 soc. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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When I put the micro SD card into my Linux box it automatically mounts the zImage filesystem. (I'm using Mint) Then it's just a question of putting your executable in there where you want. For example, /usr/bin. Then do a "sync" and move the microSD back into the dev board and boot up. Your executable will be available in /usr/bin (or wherever you put it).

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