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Adding lighttpd-fastcgi to Poky version

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Thanks in advance. 


I may be going about this all wrong, so please advise. 


I've got a Macnica Cyclone V board that has a Poky 8.0 (Yocto Project 1.3 Reference Distro) 1.3 socfpga. 


I'm using the lighttpd that came with this distro# ] lighttpd -v 

lighttpd/1.4.31 - a light and fast webserver 

Build-Date: Jun 24 2014 09:52:47 


I want to add fastcgi support -- when I've used the Angstrom version it's easy you just need to "opkg install lighttpd-module-fastcgi" 


So, I figured I'd add opkg from the Angstrom release and do it that way. Change the lighttpd.conf file to enable fastcgi. 


But when I try to start lighttpd I get. 


root@socfpga:~# /etc/init.d/lighttpd start 

Starting Lighttpd Web Server: 2014-06-24 05:12:11: (plugin.c.421) plugin-version doesn't match lighttpd-version for fastcgi  

2014-06-24 05:12:11: (server.c.926) Initialization of plugins failed. Going down.  




SO - I figure EITHER 

1. The /etc/opkg/ .conf files are not going to the correct spot to get what I need. Since these go to Angstrom sites. 

2. I can't use opkg. 


Can anyone EDUCATE ME? 

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