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Adding module to romfs_list and using gpio driver from user space

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I am progressing pretty good. Now I am stuck with two 


1. Loading driver for my custom device 


I have added the code linux2.6/drivers/projectx directory, modified the make file and Kconfig file. The test driver is compiled and driverx.o has been created in uClinux-dist/linux-2.6x/drivers/projectx.  


I want to load this module with modprobe or insmod, But this getting loaded to zImage. I checked device_table.txt, But i did not understand how to add. I have checked the Module_programming article in wiki but it did not explain how to add to romfs_list. 


I was able to do for a normal application with romfs target in Makefile.  



2. Is there any way to access gpio driver from user space?
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I am good now.

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