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Altera DE2 115 board FPGA Cyclone IV E bootloader

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Hello all,  

I am pretty new here, I normally use the DE2 115 board with MATLAB simulink, but suddenly I had a problem ; normally, when I turn on the board, the LEDs start flashing and the LCD types "Welcome to altera.. ", then I download my program to it and everything goes ok. BUT, now when I turn on the board, no LED flashing, and no message on LCD, nothing (the blue power-on light is on and the eithernet lights flash once, which means its not a hardware issue). 


I did some search, and I learned that this problem is mostly caused by a problem with the bootloader (the original one, I have not messed with it, and I have not tried to program the flash with other bootloader) 


So the question is, how can I download the original bootloader back to the flash memory of the board ? should this solve the issue or not ?  


Thank you very much, 

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Hi Basim, 


Wonder your reset vector memory is set to EPCS controller? 

If yes, the boot copier is loaded together with the SOF file. 

The content of the flash won't impact the boot copier. 


Chin Liang
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