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Any body an idee what #define USE_ARG(x) { x = x; } does?

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i am using a cyclone with a nios system and tse_mac. 

Now unfortunatly i had to port the system from 12.1 to 17, because the modules are damned not reverse compatible! 

But now i have the et_arp.c file whitch is different from my last version in that there is an added line with  


where eth is a char *. 

the definition of USE_ARG: 

#define USE_ARG(x) { x = x; } 

does anybody know what this macro does? 

First I thought, that it is done to not be forced to cast different variables. But normally the compiler would anyway generate an errror?
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Does the function actually use the eth argument? I've seen this kind of macros in some source code where a function doesn't use one of the arguments, to prevent the "unused argument" warning from the compiler.

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