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Archiving strategy for Nios project

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I'm new to this forum, so please pardon me if this question has already been answered (although I did search before posting and didn't find an answer). I am looking for the best archiving strategy for my Nios II app+bsp project in EDS v12.1sp1 and v13.1. The idea is that I should be able to check everything pertaining to my project into my version control system, including the workspace, then go to another computer, check it out, and (assuming EDS is installed there), be up and running in just a few seconds. However, I also don't want to be archiving build artifacts and eclipse files that change all the time. 


My folder structure currently looks like this:ProjectFolder 






I am already archiving all source code (*.c and *.h) in the app folder, along with the .cproject and .project files from Eclipse, but files like Makefile and my ELF binary are marked for ignore because they are regenerated on every build.  


Similarly, in my bsp folder I am archiving the .cproject and .project files from Eclipse, as well as my *.bsp file, but autogenerated files like Makefile and linker.* are marked for ignore. 


I am also archiving the entirety of the Eclipse workspace .metadata folder but I know that this is a problem because, at the very least, somewhere in this sub-tree are hard coded paths which are not correct as soon as another person checks out that folder. This brings me to my question. What is the proper archiving strategy of a Nios project within EDS? 


Thank you in advance!
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