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BSP creation from command line fails: Linker Section mapping problem

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I try to write a script to automate the software building process and got stuck with building the BSP settings by the first NiosII related command: 


nios2-bsp-create-settings --bsp-dir Node_0_0_bsp --settings Node_0_0_bsp/settings.bsp --type hal --sopc ../Quartus/NoC_2x2x2_chris.sopcinfo --cpu-name cpu_0_0 --jdi ../Quartus/NoC_2x2x2_chris.jdi The parameter seems to be correct. But I get the following error: 


INFO: Loading drivers from ensemble report. INFO: Finished loading drivers from ensemble report. SEVERE: altera_hal_linkerx_generator: Required linker section mappings do not exist: "" I got the same design running in the Eclipse IDE without any additional changes to the linker settings. So the design in general should be correct. 

Where does Quartus writes the linker section mapping and the BSP builder reads it from? 


Thank you for your help.
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