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Best way to do No-MMU kernels?

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I am using the 20100621 distribution. Because I wanted a no-MMU kernel, I switched to the test-nios2 branches under linux-2.6 and uClinux-dist. This allowed me to successfully make and run a zImage on my board (DE2-115). Following the instructions, I then did ./update in nios2-linux. After that make complains that the assembler doesn't understand the initda instruction. 

There was a suggestion elsewhere on the forum that this means that the toolchain assembler is old. I'm using the no-MMU toolchain nios2gcc-20080203.tar.bz2. 

Can I find a newer no-MMU toolchain? 

Should I be using a different distribution than 20100621? 

Should I re-install 20100621 and just skip the update? 



D.W. Lynn
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