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Booting U-Boot from FPGA

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I have a problem with initial booting of a blank Cyclone V SOC board. I only have eMMC (FLASH) memory on my board, which is soldered down blank, and I need to partition and program it with the full bootloader and Linux. This can be done from Linux but first I must boot into uboot so I can then boot Linux over the USB port. 

We have managed to do this using the ARM DS5 debugger but it is not easy and not ideal for production. I have also managed to boot the preloader (u-boot SPL) from the FPGA on chip memory (AN709) but can't find the next step to boot the preloader and uboot from the FPGA. 

It is possible to make the FPGA onchip memory large enough to hold both the preloader and uboot images (512KB). What I need to know is how to modify the preloader to make it point to the uboot image in the FPGA on chip memory at addr 0xC0040000 and how to convert the u-boot.bin to a ".hex" so I can add it to the FPGA on chip memory initialisation file. 

We are using Cyclone V SOC and have used AN709_SOC_boot_guide, along with “”. We have eMMC, DDR3, serial port and a USB port but no QSPI or NAND memory. I’m hoping someone can point us in the right direction. 



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