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Bootloader fails to boot an application

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I customed advanced bootloader. The bootloader can boot a simple hello(.flash) application from flash. But it fails to boot my real application flash file. The real application firmware (.elf) can be loaded through nios2-download -g app.elf and runs ok. I debugged bootloader and the application is copied from flash memory into DDR memory successfully. CRC32, signature, length are all correct. The entry point address is at DDR memory (0x0000000), which is the same as loaded through nios2-download. In the debug, I can trace to target() of the entry point. after that, I am sure the application is not running (as it suppose to ). 

Both the Hello and the real Application are at same flash memory location.  

Here is highlights between hello and app: 

Hello can be bootloaded through bootloader: APP not 

Both Hello and App can be loaded through nios2-download. 

Hello can be loaded through running/debug running botloader under nios. APP not. 

Can someone give me some hints that what could be wrong with APP or bootloader? 


My development platform is CycloneIII NEEK. Nios2 version 11.0 



Thank you, 

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