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C development workflow using Linux - DS-5 with free license and custom FPGA firmware

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Hello all, 


I have the SoCKit from Arrow and I have loaded the microSD card with the special version of Linux that the Mathworks Embedded Coder uses. I suspect that the kernel is the same as the usual Linux used for the SoCKit. I have also followed the Software development workflow tutorial given by Terasic, which uses a handwritten makefile and plain text-editor to cross-compile a small hello world program, upload it via scp to the SDcard already on the SoCKit, run it and see the results through the serial connection. 


My application demands an independently configured FPGA with custom firmware that uses the HPS2FPGA ports to take some control values and produce PWM, SPI interface and some other custom VHDL. I assume that together with the custom firmware I need to provide a specification of the address space for the HPS2FPGA interface in the form of a Device Tree for Linux? How can I produce this tree? Where could I find some instructions or tutorials? 


Another question is, since DS-5 is free for Linux based applications, where can I find a tutorial for Linux application development with examples that use C code to feed values to the HPS2FPGA ports? 


There is also the possibility for me to create a Embedded Coder model that will just "see" the HPS2FPGA ports without needing to manualoly code the linux process. In that case I suppose I will only need the device tree. 


So, How do I: 

  • Generate device tree for custom FPGA firmware? 

  • go with the DS-5 Linux application development with free DS-5 license 



Thanks in advance!
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