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Can't create Nios II project - Quartus Lite 18.1 u1




I am trying to create a simple project for my DE0-nano after a few years of inactivity (clock source, nios ii, timer, system id, jtag uart, onchip ram, pio).

With the latest version, 18.1 update 1, when creating a "New Application and BSP from template", Nios II SBT mess up file permissions.


The BSP is fine, but the main project creation fails with error: "Error Creating Project" - "<project path>\Makefile (Access is denied)"


When I check file permissions:


(BSP - ok)


$ cacls Makefile

C:\intelFPGA_lite\tests\nios\software\test2_bsp\Makefile BUILTIN\Administrators:(ID)F

                                                        NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(ID)F


                                                        NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:(ID)C


(Main project - failed)


$ cacls Makefile

C:\intelFPGA_lite\tests\nios\software\test2\Makefile NULL SID:(DENY)(special access:)

                                                    DESKTOP-76OI53G\user:(DENY)(special access:)

                                                    DESKTOP-76OI53G\user:(special access:)

                                                    DESKTOP-76OI53G\None:(special access:)

                                                    BUILTIN\Administrators:(special access:)

                                                    NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:(special access:)

                                                    NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(special access:)


                                                    Everyone:(special access:)


- this one is actually shortened (removed detailed permissions information, ~80 lines)


Fixing file permissions does not help since not only the Makefile is affected, but also the project file, and it is almost empty.


18.1 without any updates works fine. Well, at least I can create and compile SBT projects.


To be sure it is not related to my OS, I have reproduced this error on a fresh copy of Windows 10 home in a Virtual Box VM (4 cores, 16 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD).

The FPGA I am using is EP4CE22F17C6.

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Hi, First of all, I advise you to use the DE0-Nano build tool from Terasic, this will create a complete project for you in one click. You can download it from here: Then please make sure there is no space in the project path. and make sure you have permission to access these files and you are the admin on this PC. Regards,
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